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Whether your wedding is in three months or six months away, we have compiled the do’s and don’ts to plan your big day. Just working out where to start is half the battle so we’ve put together a priority checklist, broken into manageable segments according to the need of the hour.

And because we know you’re pressed for time – but thirsty for information – First things first.

Of course these lists are only a guide. Some of you will need to do everything here, and then some.

Plan your wedding and prioritize what’s left so that you can enjoy your engagement and look forward to a fuss-free, fabulous wedding day.

First Things First

In the list below, we’ve highlighted some wedding services you should book sooner rather than later, not because they’re any more important  – we know your wedding dress is number one on the list! But because these are the wedding service providers who usually only book one wedding per Saturday – and we want it to be yours!

  • Wedding Reception Venue – popular venues have to be booked in advance. To know more on this, you can reach us.
  • Wedding Ceremony Venue
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Wedding Videographer

And if you are keen on a particular wedding car, marriage celebrant or hair and make up artist then book them immediately to avoid disappointment.

Wedding Tip : Wedding reception venues book up quickly so find the reception venue first, particularly if you want your wedding on a Saturday, 75% of brides still cite Saturday as their first choice.

Great , you’re engaged! Now it’s time to…

  • Announce your engagement and start to organize your engagement celebration.
  • Buy the engagement ring.
  • Decide on a wedding budget.
  • Decide on whether you are having a wedding close to home or a destination wedding.
  • Decide on the date and time you would like to hold your wedding.
  • Book your wedding reception venue and wedding ceremony venue.
  • If you want to use a wedding planner to organize your entire wedding, book your wedding planner now.
  • Start your health and beauty regime as well as find a hair & makeup artist.

Once the date is set…

  • Book and confirm the wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception.
  • If you are planning an outdoor event, make sure you have shelter if needed or an alternative venue.
  • Consider your wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses.
  • Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Look at wedding cars and get some quotes.
  • Do a rough guest list to be edited as needed to get down to the size you have planned.
  • Start thinking about your honeymoon destination.

One week before

  1. Have your beauty treatments at the salon.
  2. Reconfirm the bridal suite.
  3. Confirm final numbers with venue and caterers.
  4. Have the wedding ceremony rehearsal.
  5. Pack your bags ready for your honeymoon.
  6. Print tickets and itinerary for your honeymoon and organise travel insurance, a travel card with a little extra spending money.
  7. Reconfirm flights 72 hours before.

The night before

  1. Lay out your your wedding shoes, jewelry,  veil ready for the following day and keep you wedding dress in a safe place.
  2. Take a long bath, burn some essential oils and listen to some relaxing music.
  3. Get a good nights sleep.

On the day

  1. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch –  you will be needing all the energy you can get!
  2. Refer to your schedules if you need to.


Forget about the weather, don’t panic about the lippy mark on the veil, go with the flow and have a fantastic and memorable day…because when the bride is happy and having fun – so is everyone else!