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Event management involves planning, organizing and execution of live events, there are different types of event management services which could include a brand/products launch, an exhibition, a concert or even a conference. It is basically an extended form of advertisement, though more interactive. As a separate industry it is projected to grow at 30 % per annum.

The entire concept of event management is regarded as one of the most intense or significant form of advertising or marketing. The whole process of event management necessarily involves the organization process. This involves the organization of a personal or a professional event. This may generally involve the seminars, fashion shows, wedding, product launches, exhibitions etc. In short, the event management involves the whole steps of conducting an event right from the planning, financing, conceptualizing etc. The present scenario, event management is an important area which has been evolving over the years along with the increasing opportunities.

An event manager must bring together a team with clearly defined responsibilities for all aspects of the events including unexpected crisis. The team needs to be both organized and flexible. Events can be unpredictable and do require quick thinking that is based on the sound knowledge of procedures and alternatives. Decision making is one of the most important skills of the event manager and those with.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a newcomer to the event planning industry, or somewhere in between, Organising an event can be a daunting task, particularly for an individual or committee planning an event for the first time. While the scale of the events varies dramatically, the principles of event management essentially remain the same. Here is the check list for a perfect event management and we are sharing the different stages and cycles involved



  • Event overview¨
  • Event plan¨
  • Event manager and staff¨
  • Event description¨
  • Event objectives¨
  • Timeline¨
  •  Budget¨
  •  Identify targeted audience¨
  • Event overview¨
  • Police contact¨
  • Permits¨
  • Public Liability¨
  • Insurance¨
  • Security¨
  • Health and safety permits¨
  • Emergency access¨
  • Ambulance and first aid¨
  • Venue cleaning¨
  • Parking¨
  • Transport¨
  • Risk management¨
Consultation with stakeholders
  • Consultation register¨
  • Planning meeting¨
  • Briefing – before event¨
  • Debriefing – after event
Planning for the event
  • Selection of a venue¨
  • Site plan¨
  •  Noise¨
  • Inclement weather
  • contingency plan¨
  • Information centre and communication¨
  • Catering, food and water¨
  • Lighting and power¨
  • Toilets¨
  • Fencing¨
  • Entry and exit details¨
  • Vehicle access¨
  • Disability access¨
  • Seating¨
  • Ticketing¨
  • Contract suppliers¨
  • Develop run order or event schedule
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Pre-Event promotion:
  • newspapers, radio¨
  • Media releases and media kits¨
  • Invitations¨
  • Programs¨
  • Posters¨
  • Flyers and postcards¨
  • Signage¨
  • Website¨
  • Sponsorship and merchandise Sponsorship strategy¨
  • Potential sponsors¨  Evaluation of a sponsorship program¨
  • Merchandise¨
  • Management of alcohol  Permit conditions¨
  • BYO ( Bring Your Own) and non-BYO events¨
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)¨
  • Minors¨
  • Beverage options¨
  • Beverage containers¨
  • Trading hours¨
  • Alcohol consumption areas¨
Compile a file


Each type of meeting has specifications that help determine the type of facility that will be utilized: The different types of Corporate Events are

Board and Committee Meetings Often held in full-service resort properties (with golf facilities) on a quarterly basis.

Seminars/Workshops Training and continuing education, classroom setup needed for meeting space. Repetitive pattern (for many this is the fastest growing segment of associations meetings).

Professional/Technical Program on new developments relevant to the association members. Larger educational classroom setup needed.

State and Regional Conventions National associations may sponsor regional or state chapter meetings; both have a smaller number of attendees.

Annual Conventions Held in conjunction with a trade show or exhibition. Multiple hotels may be required for sleeping and meeting facilities. Meeting size varies from large (general session) to small (committee meetings). Multiple food functions.

In terms of types, events may be categorized as follows also:

  1. Sporting events are held in all towns’ cities countries and states throughout the nation. They attract international sports men and women at the highest level
  2. Entertainment, Arts, and Culture Entertainment events are well known for their ability to attract large audiences
  3. Commercial Marketing and Promotional Events Promotional events tend to have high budgets and high profile. The aim of promotional events is generally to differentiate the product from its competitors and to ensure that it is memorable. Most of the promotional events involve product launches
  4. Meeting and Exhibitions The meetings and conventions industry is highly competitive. Many conventions attract thousands of people
  1. Festivals All Religious festivals fall into this category. Wine and Food Festivals, Harvest festivals are increasingly popular, providing a particular region the opportunity to show cases its product. Harvest festivals like Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Onam in Kerala in India are good examples.


  1. Families Weddings, anniversaries, Birthday celebrations and even Funerals all provide opportunities for families to gather. Kerala tourism is a big market for the  destination wedding. It is important for the Event manager to keep track of these changing social trends.


  1. Fundraising Fairs which are common in most communities are frequently run by enthusiastic local committees. The effort and the organization required for these events are often under estimated.


  1. Varied Events Some events defy categorization. Potatoes, Walnuts, Flowers, roses, Dogs, cow’s horses, teddy bears and duck all provide the Focus for an event in the world. The events like Nolan River dog show in VSA Rio Grande valley onion festival, Texas crawfish festivals, Mattupongal in Tamil Nadu, Flower show in Ooty India, are some of the good examples. Each and every event has a purpose, and the theme is generally linked to the purpose.

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